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Mary Thé To Serve On Advisory Board

Allured Publishing corporation and Skin, Inc. magazine appointed Mary Thé to serve a second term on their Advisory Board for the 2007 and 2008 Face & Body Spa & Healthy Aging Conference and Exhibition.

For The Bride:
Marilyn or Oprah? Beauty Secrets From Around The World.
  Mary drives home her Beauty with Integrity™ message for that special day while providing unique beauty secrets from around the world.
New For Summer: Balinese "Lulur" Body Treatment—The Ultimate in Silky Smooth Skin.
  For the bride (and groom!), or for anyone who wishes to greet the warm weather months with the ultimate in silky smooth skin, Mary suggests the Indonesian-inspired Lulur. Read more about this luscious beauty ritual for all-over rejuvenation and relaxation!
Five Minutes With Mary Thé:International Beauty Expert, President and Founder of Mary Thé Skin Care.
  Mary Thé talks about her unusual upbringing, her business and beauty philosophy, what's wrong with beauty trends today, and her own skin care secrets.

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