"I began treatment with Mary four months ago. Her health products and methods are natural and free of harsh chemicals—and they are successful. My skin looks and feels so much better and, as most women agree, such things are priceless."

San Francisco

Our product strategy is designed to help every client maintain the integrity of their skin. You look your best when your skin is healthiest. Reflecting this philosophy, Mary Thé has personally selected unique products from all over the world that are proven to be effective and safe. Her highest priority is to provide support that protects the skin from the environment–especially the sun–while enhancing the appearance of the skin and respecting the body.

Each line of professional products has particular characteristics that result from years of pride and research by the passionate skin care experts Mary has met in her travels. Her love of sharing these findings with clients and friends is the foundation upon which the salon has built such a successful reputation.

The premier brands that Mary offers to her clients include the following:


A breakthrough in the world of stem cell technology!  Introducing the very first Skin Care Serum, with active ingredients produced by human fat stem cells.  To learn more, go to www.marythe.jeunesseglobal.com

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

LUMINESCE™ Daily Moisturizing Complex



To date, this line is still a favorite line for the elites all over the world.  

We were one of the first salons to carry these products and the first to introduce to the US their cutting-edge Remodeling Face technology.  The late founder, Mr. Ivan Allouche was a truly brilliant formulator and a visionary in the world of skin care. Dr. Philippe Allouche, his son, is continuing the legacy of the father.

ENVIRON, from South Africa

I can't help being impressed with the mission of Environ and the integrity of its founder, Dr. Des Fernandez, a plastic surgeon who works only from the neck up!  While in Dusseldorf, Germany, I attended his lecture and we became his very first salon client in the US.


Should you ever be in Italy, consider a visit and stay at the Terme Di Saturnia spa.

This is a place for total wellness, including beauty.  Plankton, which is rich in minerals, is the unique component in the whole Terme Di Saturnia line and is floating in the thermal water ready for you to see, especially during cool mornings. 

CELLCOSMET, from Switzerland

This product is created using the well-known Swiss approach of fresh cells.  Mr. Pfister, the owner, grew up in Dr. Niehan's La Prairie clinic, world-famous among the elites for its injections of fresh cells.  A very high quality product - but a bit pricey and too fragrant for me.

REVITA / APISERUM, from Germany

I love this product for its true-to-nature approach, using an old recipe based on royal jelly, artichokes and camomile.  The late Mrs. Goudouneix was a real inspiration for me.  She died in her nineties and was beautiful and elegant all her life.  I learned of this product when I started practicing aesthetics in 1971.


The mineral sunscreen is of high quality, effective and very practical too. I love Diane Ranger, the founder.  She is very passionate about what she does and cares deeply about every aspect of her products.


This is one of our treatment lines, especially great for extreme cases.


I have deep respect for Jan and what she has accomplished in the aesthetic field in the USA. 


Their products are simple, effective and priced well.

THERAKOS, from Germany

The one and only, most effective gel for pimples, cuts, insect bites, and any form of sores!

LA ROCHE POSAY, from France

This company is best known for its waterproof, broad-spectrum sunscreen, Anthelios.  

We at Mary Thé are always looking out for new products and treatments that meet our criteria for safety and effectiveness.

But, most of all, they have to touch my heart, too.  


An additional note on product choices:

Because of the breadth of choices, each client's needs are addressed with a customized approach. We whole-heartedly encourage our clients to learn about why and how each particular product can benefit their skin, so they can make an informed commitment to taking the best possible care of themselves.

Rarely are clients asked to give up all their existing products, only the ones they themselves agree are not helping and might even contribute to their skin problems. While starting with a clean slate might seem simpler and quicker, Mary emphasizes the greater importance of gradually building a trusting relationship, one step at a time. Clear, two-way communication is critically important for the kind of long-term relationship that allows us to provide more effective solutions.

For example, this means that we have to be flexible and adapt to changes in environment or location. Would you use the same skin care products for your skin when you travel to the tropics as when you go skiing? If your answer is “yes”, then you may want to think more carefully about what your skin really needs to protect itself (and you). A heavy coat is as impractical in tropical weather as a swimsuit would be for snow skiing. At Mary Thé Skin Care, our aestheticians can help assess your particular needs and make appropriate recommendations for you.

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