"At Mary Thé's, I'm confident that I receive the most sophisticated skin care available. The aestheticians always recommend the perfect treatments and products for my particular needs. I can truly say that my skin glows because of the treatments at Mary Thé's and my continued use of the products I've gotten there."

San Francisco

Q. I've recently noticed that my skin is not looking very good. What can I do?

A. Congratulations for recognizing that your skin is unhappy about something. This awareness is very critical since our body communicates with us constantly. When we don't listen, serious disorders arise that require extreme interventions. Fortunately, most skin problems have simple causes that can be corrected by making a few changes in your home skin care routine or in lifestyle habits. Our aestheticians help you learn to be more aware of the distress signals, so you can take better care of your skin and yourself.

Q. I know my skin could use some help, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. If I visit a professional skin care salon, won't I end up with a large bill for services and products?
A. You may be surprised to discover that learning just what your skin needs can save you a lot of aggravation and discomfort as well as money. We at Mary Thé build long-term relationships with our clients by getting to know you and your skin. We provide highly effective treatments and products for your skin's condition, then guide you in establishing a customized home care program.

Q. How can I find a reliable aesthetician? I want one who can understand what I need—one who has the experience to safely and effectively help me.
A. Finding a professional whom you can trust is essential. Without trust, you will only become confused. The best referrals come from a knowledgeable friend or relative. Then interview the aesthetician personally to see if you can establish mutual respect and understanding. Make sure that the aesthetician is licensed, along with having the experience needed to provide you with safe and effective services.

Q. I am getting older. I know I need to take better care of my skin. How do I start?
A. First of all, it's essential to acknowledge that you are in charge of your own body's well-being. Responsible self-care requires becoming informed before making choices. At every age, each of us needs to learn about all aspects of building and maintaining health. Listening to what your body needs is an important first step toward assessing the effectiveness of your daily routine. Do you wash your face every morning and night? Do you put on some protection (lotion, moisturizer) afterward? What about sunscreen during the day? Do your skin care products provide nourishment to the skin? It's the simple things we do each day that contribute the most benefit to our beauty and well-being!

Q. I have had acne for several years now and have tried all kinds of products purchased from salons and retail stores. Nothing seems to help, and some products even irritate my skin more. Should I consider taking Acutane?
A. Your symptoms are a sign that for a long time, your skin has been in need of a different kind of attention from you. Our bodies communicate to us all the time. But when we don't hear the small cries, they eventually turn into the screams of more serious and painful problems. We need to patiently listen and address the body's needs. At Mary Thé, we recommend solutions after first understanding each of the contributing factors. And all of our solutions involve teaching you how to become an active participant in taking care of the problem. After going through this process, you will be able to make wiser choices about your skin, including the one concerning Acutane.

Q. Since I am determined never to go through plastic surgery, how can I preserve what I have for as long as possible?
A. Elective surgery is clearly a deliberate choice you make. It is wonderful that you are willing to take the responsibility of doing as much as you can for yourself. Today's advances in technology and biotechnology provide us with increasingly more effective options of treatments and products for the skin. However, consumers need to understand that “effectiveness” does not always mean only an entirely positive outcome. On the contrary, the greater the effectiveness, the more power these treatments and products have to create new problems. To deal with any potential side effects, professional guidance is absolutely necessary. At Mary Thé, we offer a wide variety of treatments and products. We will recommend only the ones that are appropriate for you. A consultation with one of our aestheticians can determine the best plan of action for your particular skin condition.

Q. When the weather turns colder, I notice that my skin feels drier. What can I do about this?
A. As the weather changes and we begin to layer our clothing, our skin also needs extra layers of protection. Choose products that will nourish your skin, not just cover it up. Serums are particularly effective in colder weather, after which you should seal the skin with appropriate moisturizers. Just as you wear your warmest coat in the winter, your skin will benefit from special oils or a heavier moisturizing cream. During this season, be especially aware of your body's need for water. If your skin feels tight or begins to peel, this can be a sign of dehydration. Allowing the skin to become too dry can lead to spot rashes or contact dermatitis, warning signs that your daily routine needs updating. Remember: Skin care is a lifestyle, not just a facial!

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