"It wasn’t until my late 50’s that I began to appreciate the importance of skin care. For 20 years I have thoroughly enjoyed the pampering at Mary Thé’s salon, but little did I know how valuable that would prove to be. Today, people often comment about the youthfulness of my skin and now I know that the caring routines I learned from Mary are paying big dividends!"

San Francisco

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Basic Services

We offer exceptional treatments from around the world to address your specific needs. Our aestheticians will assess your unique needs, then recommend a customized treatment program of safe, effective, and results-oriented procedures that will enhance and maintain the health and beauty of your skin.

Skin Care for Face
Thorough manual cleansing.
Skin Care for Back
Thorough manual cleansing.
Eye Brow Definition
from $30.00
Eye Brow or Eye Lash Enhancement
Chest or Shoulder Exfoliation
from $45.00
Hand or Foot Treatment
from $40.00
Body Rejuvenation
Full body exfoliation for silky skin.

To thank you for your trust in us, series prices are available for all of our services.

You are welcome to request an appointment with Mary Thé personally. Please ask our receptionist for details.



Specialized Treatments

To help you honor and respect your skin, specialized treatments are available. Our aestheticians will recommend the treatments that will best meet your skin's specific needs at the time of service.

Mary Thé believes that the real secret of skin care lies in the ability to listen to what the skin needs and in knowing how to address any issues it might have. This approach is just as important for salon treatments as for the client's daily home skin care routine.

These Specialized Treatments, which are procedures from all over the world, have been tested by Mary Thé personally, for their safety and effectiveness. Mary Thé Skin Care was the first in the US to offer several of these treatments

Skin refinement + soothing treatment
from $170.00
Vitamin Treatment
For environmentally fragile skin.
Micro Current
To reduce stress and speed healing
Nano Perfector
Lifts and firms for natural age-management
The ultimate treatment for fighting the signs of time
Oxy Lifting
Skin tone revival
Ultra Moisturizing Treatment
For very dry skin

Please note that many other services are available in addition to those listed above



Hair Removal

For the face, we use the hard wax method since it is easier on the skin. Our imported hard wax is specially formulated for very sensitive skin. For the body, we use soft wax with cloth strips to provide a combination of speed and thoroughness.

(Eyebrow excluded)
from $70.00
from $25.00
from $25.00
Full back
from $70.00
Lower legs
Upper legs
from $50.00
Full legs
from $95.00
from $35.00
from $25.00
Full arms
from $60.00

Waxing as a method of hair removal is a temporary solution that allows the hair to grow back naturally. However, repeated waxing of the lower legs and lower arms may help discourage and reduce hair re-growth.



Gift Certificates

Do you need a gift of care for someone special?

A Gift Certificate from Mary Thé Skin Care can be customized to your specific needs. Check with our receptionist, who will be happy to assist you. Our gift certificates are available for all occasions and every budget.

To purchase a gift certificate, contact us at 415-777-4188.



Our Professional Staff

The aestheticians at Mary Thé Skin Care bring specialized skills and experience before joining the staff. Mary then personally trains each one to meet her exacting standards for the highest quality of client care. The aestheticians understand that a large part of the success of their treatments depends on working together as a team with clients. Personalized attention, depth of knowledge, a broad selection of superior products and treatments, and quality care are among the many reasons for Mary's strong following—which includes local and national personalities, and social, civic, and business leaders from all over the country.

Our Commitment
Mary Thé is committed to offer only the safest and most effective treatments and products available. Supporting this fundamental proposition is a profound commitment to education and research, as well as superior service. At Mary Thé Skin Care, the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and professionalism are maintained at all times. Mary believes that a client can best maintain a healthy skin and body by developing a comprehensive and disciplined program of self-care, under the guidance of a professional.

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